co.Works describe a fascinating cooperation of photographer NORBERTH GUTHIER with the painters and graphic artists CHRISTIAN MARIA KNECHT, MATTHIAS BOLZ, GÜNTER LUDWIG, ALCIS SZABO-REISS und NUNO EVARISTO.

It all started about 10 years ago and an end is not in sight. The artists Norbert Guthier wants to work with are encountered at work, while on travel or at facebook. „It is exciting and challenging at the same time to integrate two different artistic perspectives and techniques into a joint project and to see, where two self-sufficient positions merge into a new whole – crossing borders of artistic disciplines.

Norberth Guthier went on a perennial journey with his wife in the beginning of 2014 to discover and encounter the world. With him is his movable studio, a 4x4 Atego with a living space.

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